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I'm building an app where each user can have multiple profiles. Users can upload multiple photos for each profile, etc.

The folder structure will be something like


I'm going to have a one to many relationship between each profile and each photo, but I'm trying to see how I should flag a photo as special and the users "profile photo".

My proposed table structure is something like this

filename  (or maybe extension only, since filename will most likely just be the primary id for that photo)
profile (boolean field of whether this a profile pic or not)

How should I treat special images, like profile pictures?

Edit: Sorry if I wasnt clear. I want each user to be able to have multiple profiles, each profile to have many photos. Just like for Facebook, you can have many photos, but only one profile pic at any time.

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That would work but it would have a problem that more than one photo could be marked as a profile photo unless you take special care to prevent this.

An alternative design is to have a table with columns user_id and special_photo_id where the photo_id is a foreign key into the photos table. This has a slightly different issue: now it is possible to have a special photo that doesn't belong to the user.

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As you were writing this, I revised my answer and said I should probably put a unique index on profile_id and profile :) – BDuelz Aug 13 '10 at 21:29
@BDuelz: Then you couldn't have multiple rows with "profile = false" for the same user. It would work if you used TRUE and NULL though since you can have multiple NULLs even in a column that has a unique index. – Mark Byers Aug 13 '10 at 21:33
For option 2, how would I do that. Currently, I have it so each profile can have many photos, If I added a photo_id column to the profiles table, then it would imply that each profile can only have 1 – BDuelz Aug 13 '10 at 21:33
@Mark. Whoooops. In the quickness of things, that totally slipped my mind – BDuelz Aug 13 '10 at 21:35
When you wrote "photo as special and the users "profile photo" that also implied that there was only one such special photo. How many special photos can there be? – Mark Byers Aug 13 '10 at 21:36

You could have a field in your users table(where its username and other info is stored) with a profile_id field init pointing to the profiles table. That way you get one possibility for the profile and away to identify it.

Thinking about it that will only work if you do have a users table and a separated profiles table.

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I'm sorry, but I dont understand. Are you saying to put a profile_id in the users table? And if so, then wouldnt that imply that each user can only have one profile? – BDuelz Aug 13 '10 at 21:37
Well yes and no. My idea is to just put in the users table wich profile is the right one. You still keep the other relation 1 to many with the other profiles. My answer adresses finding out wich profile is the main one. Not how to manage all the profiles. You already do that. – Iznogood Aug 13 '10 at 22:00
Oh... I get it. Good idea – BDuelz Aug 13 '10 at 22:09

How about the image table looks like this:


and add the column 'profile_image_id' in the profile table? This will be your special image's id.

I imagine you are going to have a lot more non-special images than special. So, most of the time the field 'profile(boolean)' that you proposed will be 0.

Edit: I believe @Iznogood is saying the same thing.

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