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Can anyone help me to protect a selection group or component.

For examples

If ('Readme.txt').selected or ('compact').selected = True then
begin "Password wizard page";
result := true;

Something like that to this working script :P

function CheckPassword(Password: String): Boolean;
 result := false;
 if (Password='component') or (Password='type') then
   result := true;
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I'm not sure I completely understood your question, but maybe this helps. Here are a few functions you only need to add to the [code] section of the Components.iss sample, and one of the components ("help") can only be installed when the user enters the correct password.

Since you need the password later in the installation, and not always, you can not use the standard setup password page. You will instead create your own page and insert it after the components selection page:

  PasswordPage: TInputQueryWizardPage;

procedure InitializeWizard();
  PasswordPage := CreateInputQueryPage(wpSelectComponents, 
    'Your caption goes here',
    'Your description goes here',
    'Your subcaption goes here');
  PasswordPage.Add(SetupMessage(msgPasswordEditLabel), True);

Note that this uses the translated password caption, you may need to make the other three strings translatable as well.

Next you will need to hide that page if the user has not selected the component for installation:

function ShouldSkipPage(PageID: Integer): Boolean;
  Result := False;
  if PageID = PasswordPage.ID then begin
    // show password page only if help file is selected for installation
    Result := not IsComponentSelected('help');

Finally you need to check the password, and prevent the user from going to the next page if the password is wrong:

function NextButtonClick(CurPageID: Integer): Boolean;
  Result := True;
  if CurPageID = PasswordPage.ID then begin
    // stay on this page if password is wrong
    if PasswordPage.Edits[0].Text <> 'my-secret-password' then begin
      MsgBox(SetupMessage(msgIncorrectPassword), mbError, MB_OK);
      Result := False;
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