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Is there any way I can specify a standard or custom numeric format string to always output the sign, be it +ve or -ve (although what it should do for zero, I'm not sure!)

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Yes, you can. There is conditional formatting. See Conditional formatting in MSDN


string MyString = number.ToString("+#;-#");

Where each section separated by a semicolon represents positive and negative numbers


string MyString = number.ToString("+#;-#;0");

if you don't want the zero to have a plus sign.

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Excellent - thanks! –  Craig Shearer Dec 7 '08 at 22:57
Fixed a bug whereby negatives did not get a minus. –  romkyns Oct 25 '11 at 16:10
Thanks you so much! I have been busting my head for like an hour to figure out what's the equivalent of the '+'-flag of printf in C# and you gave me THE answer. –  rbaleksandar Nov 21 '12 at 13:52
with +#;-#, for the value 0 I get just "+", with no actual 0. for me I want 0 to appear as "+0", so this works: +#;-#;+0. –  orion elenzil Apr 23 at 22:01

Beware, when using conditional formatting the negative value doesn't automatically get a sign. You need to do

string MyString = number.ToString("+#;-#;0");
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You can also use the format strings in string.Format(); the format string is separated from the index with colon (':')

string MyString = string.Format("Default format {0}, Force sign {0:+#;-#}, No sign for zero {0:+#;-#;0}.", number);

For number = {+1, -1, 0}, this gives -
Default format 1, Force sign +1, No sign for zero +1.
Default format -1, Force sign -1, No sign for zero -1.
Default format 0, Force sign +0, No sign for zero 0.

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