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I am using multiple monitors and I prefer to have my Visual Studio open in the center one and I would like the application that I am testing / running through Visual Studio open on either left or right side, rather than on top of my code.

Do you think there is a way of doing that, that is automatic ? Can this be set somewhere in the options ?

I know that one solution is to change the main monitor to the left, but that would make all apps start on the left rather than in the center.

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Unfortunately not. The application is positioned by the OS and is not an option that you can set from Visual Studio.

Solution: It is simple to save the position of the application window on exit and restore it again on start-up (a MSDN blog post). Wrap it all in #if DEBUG ... #endif pre-processor so that it only occurs during development.


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I had the same problem and eventually thought of the now-obvious solution -- make the left monitor the primary.... ;-)

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