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I am a mid way through an EJB3 java project, also using jquery and sql server. I consider myslef reasonably proficient at all the technologies(and design patterns). I have the opportunity to chose, a possibly new technology, for my next project.

I was considering using Vaadin, however a quick look on the UK jobs web sites shows a distinct lack of vacancies, zero in fact. Vaadin looks good, interesting and productivity increasing, however I don't want to shoot myself in the (career) foot.

Any ideas gratefully received.

(I'm UK based btw)


Also, do these toolkits remove the need to develop Javascript/HTML completely ? I have recently been using jQuery substantially, I would be somewhat afraid to lose the power offered by javascript/jQuery for front end gui development and validation.

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If you don't already know it how about the JBoss Seam stack incl. RichFaces/A4J, etc., or maybe try a Rails project hosted on the JVM?

Personally I don't believe in just introducing new frameworks into a client's portfolio for its own sake. Identify what your next project actually needs rather than what new tech you'd like to dabble in. Your customers will thank you for it when they don't have an application that they can't get support for.

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+1 Let the project (and its scope) decide the technology and not the programmer's career! –  naikus Aug 14 '10 at 9:05

Disclaimer: I'm a member of the Vaadin team.

Vaadin is gaining ground rapidly. It was launched* just a year ago at JavaOne 2009 and it is already considered as a serious alternative for several much older frameworks.

It is already widely used all over the world. In the UK I know at least the HPD Software which uses Vaadin extensively. Here's the profile for their product Gemini at our site: http://vaadin.com/who-is-using-vaadin/showcase/-/asset_publisher/2Spd/content/gemini?redirect=/who-is-using-vaadin

*Actually Vaadin 6 is the rebranded next version of IT Mill Toolkit 5, which in turn is a descendant from a UI library called Millstone. Development of the technology started in the year 2000 but the adoption didn't really take off until after the rebranding last year.

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Have you try spring-roo?

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We're currently developing a Vaadin plugin for Roo. Stay tuned. –  hezamu Sep 1 '10 at 22:28

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