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I am developing mobile application. I am using XML as a database. I am querying on the XML to access the required elements & attributes by using LINQ to XML in .net. I have the follwing part in my XML file.

       Production Master Valve
      Production Wing Valve

In the above XML file I can access the the child element node 'VALVE' & its attribute 'NAME' dynamically without explicitly specifying the name of the attribute by using following code. Thus as any new attribute is added in the child node 'VALVE' I can access it without modifying my existing code. For such logic I am using following code. In the following code ValvesProperties is the Hashtable which is defined in the class 'Valves'.

 static int count = 0;
 List<Valves> LstValves = new List<Valves>();

 string AttName = null;
 string AttValue = null;

 XDocument FieldDef = XDocument.Load(@"F:\Shailesh from user OPC\XML\KK3.xml");
 XElement FieldRoot = FieldDef.Element("KK");

 count = FieldRoot.Element("FIELD-DEFINITION").Element("VALVES").Elements("VALVE").Count();
 Valves[] Valveobj = new Valves[count];

 count = 0;

 foreach (var element in FieldRoot.Element("FIELD-DEFINITION").Element("VALVES").Elements())
     Valveobj[count] = new Valves();

     foreach (var attribute in element.Attributes())
         AttName = attribute.Name.ToString();
         AttValue = attribute.Value.ToString();
         Valveobj[count].ValvesProperties.Add(AttName, AttValue);


return LstValves;

The similar logic I need for the above defined XML part. In the above XML I want to write the LINQ to XML query which can access the NAME attribute of the 'VALVE' node (<VALVE NAME="PWV">), then it should access the text between 'DISPLAY-NODE' (<DISPLAY-NAME> Production Master Valve </DISPLAY-NAME>), & then it should access the all the attributes of the 'COMMAND' node dynamically ( <COMMANDS USE-TEMPLATE="TRUE" TEAMPLATE-NAME="ValveCommands.xml"></COMMANDS>). All these I want dynamically without explicitly specifying the name of the child node as well as name of their attributes ( similar to the way I written the above query ) Can we write such a code by using LINQ to XML ? It will be better if we can write code for above issue in a single logic ( similar to the way I written the above query ). Can you provide me the any code or link through which I can resolve the above issue ?

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If you post code or XML, please highlight those lines in the text editor and click on the "code" button (101 010) on the editor toolbar to nicely format and syntax highlight it! – marc_s Aug 14 '10 at 8:21
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You could just iterate through all the elements and retrieve the attributes for each:

var allDescendants = myElement.DescendantsAndSelf();
var allDescendantsWithAttributes = allDescendants.SelectMany(elem =>
    new[] { elem }.Concat(elem.Attributes().Cast<XContainer>()));

foreach (XContainer elementOrAttribute in allDescendantsWithAttributes)
    // ...
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