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Let's say that I have a custom WPF control and couple of textboxes on it. In code behind of my custom control I have couple of properties which are references to objects in other control. For example I have a sth like this

public MyClass myObject
            return MyObject

MyClass have a property Name. Is it possible to bind property Name to textBox.Text ??

I konow that I can do sth like that in XAML

    <Binding Path="" />

But how can I pass data from myObject to Path value ??

I've been experimenting with bindings but it seems that sometimes my textbox doesn't refresh/update Text property. I mean sometimes textbox refresh(I think) and I see new value but sometimes nothing happens (despite the fact that I modified data )

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Assuming that the DataContext is the same as your Control. The path will be


or for short

<TextBox Text="{Binding myObject.MyProperty}" />
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thanks :) Let's say that I modify myObject.MyProperty. I understand that thanks to data binding my textbox will show new value or maybe I have to refresh textbox? –  Dante Aug 14 '10 at 15:02
As long the property you bind to fires notifypropertychanged in it's setter, you should be fine –  hkon Aug 14 '10 at 22:20

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