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I am trying to replace a single dash '-' character in a string with double dashes.


to be


This is the code I am using but it doesn't seem to be working:

var temp = '2015–09–01T16:00:00.000Z'
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In JavaScript Strings are immutable. So, when you modify a string, a new string object will be created with the modification.

In your case, the replace has replaced the characters but returns a new string. You need to store that in a variable to use it.

For example,

var temp = '2015–09–01T16:00:00.000Z';
temp = temp.replace(/–/g,'--');

Note The string which you have shown in the question, when copied, I realised that it is a different character but looks similar to and it is not the same as hyphen (-). The character codes for those characters are as follows

// 8211: en dash
// 45: hyphen
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Not only in JavaScript but nearly in all major languages string variables are immutable. – Kamran Shahid Jan 17 at 7:06

The hyphen character you have in the string is different from the one you have in the RegExp -. Even though they look alike, they are different characters.

The correct RegExp in this case is temp.replace(/–/g,'--')

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Probably the easiest thing would be to just use split and join.

var temp = '2015–09–01T16:00:00.000Z'.split("-").join("--");
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As explained in other answers, this should work only when the character you're splitting by is same as used in the string. – Tushar Jan 17 at 7:16

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