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I have a dropdown box in my view which is populated with objects from database. Now what I want to do is, based upon selection in the Dropdown fill various textboxes with property values of the object selected in the dropdownlist.

There are numerous examples where you copy the selected dropdown value in the textbox using JQuery / JavaScript etc, but I can't find any doing the same but instead of copying; place the values of the properties of the object in the textboxes.

How would this be done in a nice way? I would prefer to do it without posting the entire form, though those answers may be posted also.

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You don't select an object from a dropdown box but a single string value (or multiple values if enabled). That's the reason why all the examples you've seen simply copy the selected value in a textbox. So where is this object coming from given a selected value? –  Darin Dimitrov Aug 14 '10 at 16:30
I know that, i do already use dropdown boxes but I wanted to show that I was interested in the object behind the selection in the dropbox, so not the ID / name / whatever the dropbox selects (the value is the id) but the object in the DB behind the ID whit value selected in the dropbox. I need the DB information not the value the dropbox gives me. –  bastijn Aug 16 '10 at 8:08
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 $('select#yourControlId').change(function () {
    var selectedVal = $(this).val();

    document.location = '<%= Url.Action( "Action", "Controller") %>' + '?val=' + selectedVal;

Then you'll capture val in the signature of teh action method and populate the appropriate textboxes...


You could also on Changed do a JQuery Ajax post...


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