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Upload speeds to one particular server of mine are drastically slower than expected, or tolerable.

I am moving a site to a new host; part of the functionality of the site is the upload of several large (>50Mb) files daily. The current upload speeds are unacceptably slow on the new server.

I am new to linux and apache server configuration; are there any settings which should be changed, or checked / tweaked, to allow for maximum file transfer speeds?

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I think, this question belongs to serverfault. However, have you tried uploading from different hosts? Sometimes such problems are in the (local) network. I remember a server where we had Gigabit connection to (back in 2001 thsi was extrem fast), but the Up-/Download rate was about 5-10 kbyte/sec. We never found the real problem, but it was somewhere in the switch. – IanH Aug 14 '10 at 21:32
assuming serverfault is a sibling site of stackoverfloww. I've tried the uploads from various locations; even the same script to different servers. It's drastically slower on this one. thank you for the advice, I will post this on serverfault. – user373396 Aug 16 '10 at 17:44

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