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Is there a working jQuery plugin (or a javascript 'library') for formatting datetimes? I found some, but they were:

  • not working with hours and minutes (the one from datapicker)
  • not fully functional - can't give you names of months, leading zeroes, etc.
  • are just a piece of code written in some blog.

Of course I can implement it, but it'd be better to reuse one. I seek functionality similar to Java's SimpleDateFormat

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I've written a JavaScript implementation of the format() method of Java's SimpleDateFormat:

The code is a few years old and I'd do it a bit differently now, but it's well tested and works.

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really good, and working :) – Bozho Aug 15 '10 at 21:06

Did you try date.js ?

It has a pattern recognition to format dates that is easy to use and has plenty of localisation files available.

ie:"d-MMM-yyyy HH:mm")

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Not sure whether it fits all your requirements, but this looks good one:

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that's the one that isn't functional enough :) – Bozho Aug 14 '10 at 20:08

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