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Lets say I have 2 mobile phones which are 50 meters away from each other and I would like to send a very small packet of data from mobile-A to mobile-B, without using any communication to cellular tower.

To make it simpler, I would like to build an app which implements a Peer to Peer connection for 2 mobiles in the same radius (in the same area).

Is this feasible using the technology of smartphones these days? (Android for example)

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No. The radio services the mobile networks are licensed under vary by country, but none that I know of allows for that kind of ad-hoc communication.

50 meters would be a stretch for WiFi, especially in a pair of handsets with less-than-ideal antennas. Bluetooth would also be right out.

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Bluetooth is your best bet, but even in an open field 50 meters would be too far apart.

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