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I'm trying to use the Flattr JavaScript API. I included the loading code as described.

But FlattrLoader.setup() does not work. I am getting the exception ReferenceError: FlattrLoader is not defined.

I tried both

<script type="text/javascript">


<script type="text/javascript"> 
  window.onload = function(){ FlattrLoader.setup(); }

That is strange because in the load.js from the API, I see var FlattrLoader = { ... }.

I use Chrome. From its Developer Tools, it seems that the load.js gets loaded (at least it lists it there).

Maybe I must do some extra handling that it waits with the execution until the load.js is really loaded? The only explanation why it fails is that the site-loading itself is finished before load.js can be loaded. How would such extra handling look like?

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My current solution:

function loadFlattr() {
    if(typeof(FlattrLoader) == "undefined")
        setTimeout(loadFlattr, 100);

Is there any better solution?

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since this is an old thread, I don't know if you've fixed this, but you should check out the current version of the documentation. The code is a lot easier and also async now

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