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This open source fractal program Fraqtive, which uses Qt, has a really cool little gradient editor for coloring your fractals:

Does anyone know of any nice gradient editing interfaces that use wxWidget/wxPython?

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I wrote one for a fractal program I wrote in wxWidgets; I've been meaning to wrap it up nice and release on wxCode when I had time.

gradient dialog

This is inspired by photoshop's editor, so it may not be exactly what you're looking for.

The code for it is hosted here:

And the relevant files are: gradient.h, gradient.cpp, gradientdlg.h, gradientdlg.cpp

The wxGradientDialog object works just like any other dialog, and returns a wxGradient object, which uses a lerp to create the gradients from the color stops.

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Try the PyColourChooser or the CubeColourDialog

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