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After installing the F# September CTP (, Visual Studio 2008 frequently gives an error "Microsoft Visual C# IntelliSense has stopped working" which promptly crashes all of Visual Studio. I tried the tips mentioned in a similar SO article such as "devenv.exe /ResetSettings", deleting the ncb file (which actually didn't exist), and installing the latest service pack (SP1) but no luck. Also tried reinstalling F#, nothing. This specifically happens in a C# unit test project that references my F# project and when I start to type things like [TestMethod] or "= new Tuple<List<int>,int,int> { Item1 = ". That's why I'm guessing it's related to F#. Incidentally I have ReSharper installed but disabled. Anyway, wondering if anyone else has had this problem and/or solved it. Otherwise any thoughts/ideas would be much appreciated.

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I would strongly suggest sending the F# team a bug report: fsbugs@microsoft.com –  Jim Burger Dec 8 '08 at 4:36

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This is now a confirmed bug. Here is the message from Brian McNamara on the F# team on 12/9/08:

This is the first report of this we’ve had, but I am able to reproduce the problem on my box, so we’ll see what turns up debugging, I’ll let you know if I find a workaround. (Thanks for the detailed info.)

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Is there a connect link for this, or a blog post or something that would allow tracking? I've just been hit by this and had to turn off intellisense (boo!). –  Ben Collins Oct 8 '09 at 16:31
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No workaround exists on Vista per Brian McNamera 9/10/08 :(

Talked to C# team. No workaround on Vista/Server2008. This is supposed to be a ‘non-fatal’ Watson, but non-fatal-ness is broken on Vista, bummer, known issue. On pre-Vista, this apparently will pop up Watson once first time this happens in VS, but not crash and then let you continue unabated.

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