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I am looking for (list of) projects that use py.test.

I am new to testing, and want to use py.test. I need examples from projects, so i can use py.test extensively. The documentation is good for py.test but is too fragmented to get a good grasp. I have a vague idea of how it works. I saw the py.test video(3hrs) from pycon. But need some working examples in projects.

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This doesn't answer your question, but we use nose ( somethingaboutorange.com/mrl/projects/nose/0.11.2 ) at work and find it and the documentation quite helpful. –  xitrium Aug 15 '10 at 15:59
I share your feelings about fragmented documentation –  legesh Nov 11 '10 at 16:05

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There is MoinMoin, Pida, PyPy and a host of other projects using py.test. In terms of examples you might also look into py.test's own test suite which naturally uses a lot of its features. Checkout http://bitbucket.org/hpk42/py-trunk and the "testing" sub directory and maybe file an issue on the tracker that you want to see more documented examples on the web page :)

update: these days there are some companies and projects listed which use py.test, see


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