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I'm looking for an Objective-C library for an iOS app that will parse and display articles form an RSS feed.

Specifically,m I'm looking to make an app for a news website. The framework should be able to work with various RSS XML structures if possible. (Well, two different news sites. One uses Wordpress-generated RSS and one does not.)

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You could use Apples NSXMLParser Class. Or you could use the C-based libXML2.

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MWFeedParser is another interesting library to look into.

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How about

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Neat. Will look into this. – Moshe Jan 26 '11 at 21:49

My drop-in solution (deals with Wordpress' RSS 2.0 and the Atom 1.0 format as well):

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This library is about as old as this question: It syncs WordPress blogs from the server, saving data locally in a core data database.

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