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I have this error when i perform the following task,

results = db1.executeSelectCommand(siteSql, (),) TypeError: unbound method executeSelectCommand() must be called with dbConnn instance as first argument (got str instance instead)

My code is as follows:

class dbConnn:
    db_con  = None

    def executeSelectCommand(self,sql,ip):
        #psycopg connection here.

I use this class here:

from db import dbConnections

db1 = dbConnections.dbConnn

siteSql = 'select post_content from post_content_ss order by RANDOM() limit 500' #order by year,month ASC'
results = db1.executeSelectCommand(siteSql, (),)

In windows, there don't seem to have a problem with this? God, it must be really elementary but I can't find it.

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db1 = dbConnections.dbConnn

Here you assign the class dbConn to the variable db1. You probably wanted to create a new instance instead:

db1 = dbConnections.dbConnn()
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thanks. pardon me for such a stupid mistake. –  goh Aug 16 '10 at 3:25

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