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I'm using the tweepy library to make a small news application for my desktop in Python. As I've seen in the main web page: http://github.com/joshthecoder/tweepy it has support for identi.ca but I can't manage to log in correctly. To authenticate I do:

auth = tweepy.BasicAuthHandler(username, password)
api = tweepy.API(host = 'identi.ca/api')

To check if I logged in correctly:

if api.verify_credentials() is False:
 print 'Unable to log in, check credentials and server status\n'
 return 1
 print 'Correctly logged in!\n'
 return 0

This always returns 1 :(

Some help please? Thank you! :D

P.D.: Of course, username and password are correct credentials :)

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Using just identi.ca as the host and setting api_root to /api would be the correct way to access the identi.ca API, as implied by the tweepy documentation.

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That just worked fine, thank you! –  aitorkun Aug 15 '10 at 19:22
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