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Android 2.1 - I'm trying to work with the Camera via a widget.

My widget sets up and calls mCamera = Camera.open();, I can do everything with the camera, but when I go to release the camera via a 2nd widget click, mCamera.release(); throws a NullPointerException.

How much I find out why that is?

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Are you sure that mCamera isn't null?

That's the only reason I can imagine why that specific statement would return a NullPointerException

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That's exactly what it was. I was inadvertently re-initializing mCamera every time the Service ran. Put it further up stream and now it works wonderfully!

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Was just typing out what to look for, but I'm much happier that you found it yourself. Learning is always great :D –  JBirch Aug 15 '10 at 19:49

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