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I am new to php. I made a member registration on login page and adm too. So inside admin I wanted to get the list of the members and delete the members I dont want. So I took the a code from a sample code for phone book from http://localhost/xamp and editted it to my requirement I am able to retrieve the members but unable to delete the members. See the code below:


//Array to store validation errors
$errmsg_arr = array();

//Validation error flag
$errflag = false;

//Connect to mysql server
$link = mysql_connect(DB_HOST, DB_USER, DB_PASSWORD);
if(!$link) {
	die('Failed to connect to server: ' . mysql_error());

//Select database
$db = mysql_select_db(DB_DATABASE);
if(!$db) {
	die("Unable to select database");



	<h2><?php echo "User list"; ?></h2>

	<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
		<tr bgcolor="#f87820">
			<td><img src="img/blank.gif" alt="" width="10" height="25"></td>
			<td class="tabhead"><img src="img/blank.gif" alt="" width="150" height="6"><br><b><?php echo $TEXT['phonebook-attrib1']; ?></b></td>
			<td class="tabhead"><img src="img/blank.gif" alt="" width="150" height="6"><br><b><?php echo $TEXT['phonebook-attrib2']; ?></b></td>
			<td class="tabhead"><img src="img/blank.gif" alt="" width="150" height="6"><br><b><?php echo $TEXT['phonebook-attrib3']; ?></b></td>
			<td class="tabhead"><img src="img/blank.gif" alt="" width="50" height="6"><br><b><?php echo $TEXT['phonebook-attrib4']; ?></b></td>
			<td><img src="img/blank.gif" alt="" width="10" height="25"></td>


					$result=mysql_query("DELETE FROM members WHERE member_id={$_REQUEST['member_id']}");

			$result=mysql_query("SELECT member_id,firstname,lastname,login FROM members ORDER BY lastname");
			$i = 0;
			while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
				if ($i > 0) {
					echo "<tr valign='bottom'>";
					echo "<td bgcolor='#ffffff' height='1' style='background-image:url(img/strichel.gif)' colspan='6'></td>";
					echo "</tr>";
				echo "<tr valign='middle'>";
				echo "<td class='tabval'><img src='img/blank.gif' alt='' width='10' height='20'></td>";
				echo "<td class='tabval'><b>".$row['lastname']."</b></td>";
				echo "<td class='tabval'>".$row['firstname']."&nbsp;</td>";
				echo "<td class='tabval'>".$row['member_id']."&nbsp;</td>";

				echo "<td class='tabval'><a onclick=\"return confirm('".$TEXT['userlist-sure']."');\" href='userlist.php?action=del&amp;member_1d=".$row['member_id']."'><span class='red'>[".$TEXT['userlist-button1']."]</span></a></td>";
				echo "<td class='tabval'></td>";
				echo "</tr>";

			echo "<tr valign='bottom'>";
			echo "<td bgcolor='#fb7922' colspan='6'><img src='img/blank.gif' alt='' width='1' height='8'></td>";
			echo "</tr>";




I haven't editted it that properly and the looks in all.

Please help me in making it able to delete the members also.

I didn't understand what .$TEXT['userlist-button1'].,'".$TEXT['userlist-sure']. variables are? I also want to include an approved and disapproved radio button in table for each members.

How can I do that?

Please if you can help me.

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English, please. –  Christian Studer Dec 8 '08 at 8:51
Thank you, Gamecat. –  Christian Studer Dec 8 '08 at 13:18

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  1. This should be a POST via a FORM not a href link (GET).
  2. $TEXT is obviously an array holding the text you want printed.
  3. You need to replace &amp;member_1d in the href with a real & and a real i as &member_id.
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$TEXT is an array contaning all the language strings for the selected language. You find the strings defined unter /lang/yourlanguage.php

In general this is not a very good example to start coding with IMO.

But I think your app may start working, if you make sure, the language files and other include files are available and you change this &amp;member_1d with &member_id

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i changed &amp;member_1d with &member_id but still code is not working i am getting the member list in the table but i am unable to delete the member with the link what to do?u have any other code? –  shah.shakthi Dec 8 '08 at 10:02
where do you have your action? del? –  markus Dec 10 '08 at 23:34

An example of a list of members with delete links:

$query = mysql_query("SELECT member_id,firstname,lastname,login FROM members ORDER BY lastname");
if(mysql_num_row($query)!= 0){ //only continue if there are members in the database
while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($query)){ //loop through each row in the database
$member_id = $row['member_id'];
$firstname = $row['firstname'];
$lastname = $row['lastname'];

echo '<p>' . $firstname . ' -  <a href="delete_member.php?id='$member_id'">' delete '</a></p>';


A simple script on delete_member.php to delete the member from the database.

$member_id = $_GET['id'];
$query = mysql_query("DELETE FROM members WHERE member_id='$member_id'");
echo '<p>This user was deleted from database</p>';

This code is only basic to give an example.

I would however prefer to use a simple form and $_POST for something like this instead of using $_GET which is very vulnerable in this kind of instance.

After getting the list of members use a form with input field to type the id you want to delete.

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