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Hey. I'm just wondering how the general Stack Overflow listening population choose to best listen to the podcast, and the wealth of others many of you somehow keep on top of. I know it's both subjective depends on your situation, but hour-long blocks attention in one's 'spare' time can be difficult to optimally carve out.

I'm still figuring it out for my needs - not having a lengthy commute, trying to ward off distractions and not letting it start to feel like a chore...

So what environment works best for you all to listen to IT podcasts?

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I don't think you need some special conditions to listen to podcasts. I do it when I cannot do anything productive - mostly when using public transportation or walking. Sometimes it's hard to concentrate, but I don't mind. I treat podcasts rather as a way to widen my perspectives, not actually learn the thing (there are better ways to do this).

Sometimes a podcast is a great excuse to leave the computer and go for a walk. On the other hand because of podcasts I don't listen to music as much anymore.

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I upload all the podcast in my ipod.listen to it when i travel in bus.Some time before sleep if i am not feeling sleepy

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haha, do you mean listening to the podcast puts you to sleep? –  melaos Dec 8 '08 at 9:36
I try to mean not much concentration is required to listen to SO podcasts –  yesraaj Dec 8 '08 at 9:52

I have a two-and-a-half-hour commute (don't do it every day) so I mainly listen in the car. Occasionally listen at my desk at home.

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i usually upload it up onto a portable mp3 player and listen to it while i commute via the subway train. or if i haven't exercise in a while, i would plan a route for me to walk and i can listen to it while i exercise. well i call it exercise anyway, hehe.

i.e. buying dinner, or groceries, just deliberately going out of my way to a further location so i can i do this.

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I listen a lot while commuting. I cycle in to work and have a mono earpiece so one ear is traffic and the other ear is burble. You can't always concentrate to the extent required, but generally you can get enough through the road-related concentration to not have to re-listen.

In the morning it's generally BOL, but the ride home is longer so needs a longer fix, the SO podcast is on the rotation.

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In my car mostly, but have plugged it into the stereo when I'm doing basic household tasks.

I've tried listening while mowing, shopping, & on walks, but found I was too detatch from 'real life'. I've also tried listening while working, but find I either become distracted and don't focus on my coding or quickly tune out the podcast, missing the entire thing.

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I listen when running.

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I listen when coding the trouble is that when I am concentrating I miss half the podcast. So I'll relisten to a podcast 2 or 3 times before I get it all in.

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Since listening to Stackoverflow podcast during my daily traffic jam, I don't bother too much about it any more as it gives me the opportunity to listen to the complete podcast in one trip.

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I listen on the work out bike and during my 15 minute travel to work as well as when I wash my car weekly. All those add up to a few hours worth of listening time per week which is almost more than I can muster insterest in podcasts for! So I alternate with music.

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I upload my podcasts on my PDA and listen to them whenever I have a boring activity to do. Such as:

  • eating dinner
  • commuting to work
  • jogging / fitness
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