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7 Questions:

1 Can I sell the software I make in it? 2 What kind of licenses am I allowed to use? 3 Any templates for Terms of Use & Conditions? 4 Can I just distribute the exe in the /Release folder? 5 What if I use class libraries? 6 How do I stop people from installing it after the trial period is up? 7 How do I make a custom installing package?

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it would be nice if the questions were numbered for ease of reference – Peladao Aug 17 '10 at 18:39
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  • Yes, you have in Microsoft Offical websige of Visual Studio 2010 Express, writed "You can use it for commercial proposes".

  • Licensing is your call, because you write a software.

  • TOS of a Express Edition you can find at Microsoft webpages.

  • Yes you can redistribute executable files.

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