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I got this jQuery code which is working just fine. Except on element I load after the page is ready.

  ele = $(this).attr('title');
  return false;

 $('.add_com form').submit(function(){
  ele = $(this);
      { info : ele.parents('.add_com').attr('title'),
        texte : ele.find('textarea').val(),
   function(data) {
     if(data == 'xxxx'){
  return false;

after I loaded the form clicking on the add_com form doesn't work. It works on form already loaded though...

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Check out JQuery's live method. Using this allows you to apply your code to anything it sees in the DOM on page load or in the future.

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live is depreciated. Now you have to use jQuery ON. –  David 天宇 Wong Dec 16 '13 at 9:19

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