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I'm looking for a simple MVC framework for PHP and would like something that handles basic user auth (for the admin) and generates it's own CRUD pages out of the box.

Edit: I'd really like something that creates these admin pages on the fly or "automatically" instead of the whole "baking" concept or having to manually update the CRUD pages via some generator.

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Have you tried CakePHP?

Using bake you can generate Models, Views and Controllers with CRUD.
Cake also has a Security component and Access Control Lists (ACL).

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Symfony has a great admin generator based on ORM models.

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I think this is a better suggestion than cakePHP and others although it takes more time to learn/master. –  Chris Aug 16 '10 at 15:55

Have a look at QCodo

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I've tried a few PHP frameworks and right now the one i find the easiest is Yii.

It doesn't generate CRUD on the fly but does the rest of what you want in a rather simple way. It also has lots of extensions for most of the common jobs.

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