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What is the correct way of retrieving maximum values of all columns in a table with a single query? Thanks.

Clarification: the same query should work on any table, i.e. the column names are not to be hard-coded into it.

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You're going to have to do it in two steps - one to retrieve the structure of the table, followed by a second step to retrieve the max values for each

In php:

$table = "aTableName";
$columnsResult = mysql_query("SHOW COLUMNS FROM $table");

$maxValsSelect = "";
while ($aColumn = mysql_fetch_assoc($columnsResult)) {
  if (strlen($maxValsSelect) > 0) {
    $maxValsSelect .= ", ";

  $maxValsSelect .= "MAX(" . $aColumn['Field'] . ") AS '" . $aColumn['Field'] . "'";

//Complete the query
$maxValsQuery = "SELECT $maxValsSelect FROM $table";
$maxValsResult = mysql_query($maxValsQuery);

//process the results....
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Actually, I just did that in Python. I mark your answer as accepted, although I was initially expecting an SQL-only solution. Thanks. – dpq Dec 8 '08 at 11:13
SELECT max(col1) as max_col1, max(col2) as max_col2 FROM `table`;
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I agree with gnud – Samiksha Dec 8 '08 at 10:36
Is there a query that can be applied to any table? I.e. if I don't know what columns does a table contain beforehand. – dpq Dec 8 '08 at 10:37
You can use DESCRIBE table to get the columns – Greg Dec 8 '08 at 10:39
Sure, desc table will work. But what if I have several dozens of tables, for which I need to run this operation? Is there an accepted way of automating such a task? – dpq Dec 8 '08 at 10:40

I think (but would be happy to be shown wrong) that you have to know at least the number of columns in the table, but then you can do:

select max(c1),max(c2),max(c3),max(c4),max(c5)
from (
    select 1 c1, 1 c2, 1 c3, 1 c4, 1 c5 from dual where 0
    union all
    select * from arbitrary5columntable
) foo;

Obviously you lose any benefits of indexing.

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