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I'm trying to create my first Rails plugin and am having some troubles leveraging ActionMailer in it. The plugin just collects user feedback and emails it off a given address so in terms of functionality it's not too complicated...

All the functionality was working perfectly in my original application until I decided to pluginise this stuff. I've been following the railsguide on creating a plugin as much as possible and you can find my entire plugin's source here:


Though I'm pretty sure the problem is in one of these files:

1- The file that loads everything in: rocket_feedback/lib/rocket_feedback.rb

require 'rocket_feedback/routing'
require 'action_mailer'

%w{ models controllers }.each do |dir|
  path = File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), 'app', dir)
  $LOAD_PATH << path
  ActiveSupport::Dependencies.load_paths << path

2- The controller which calls the deliver_feedback method rocket_feedback/lib/app/controllers/rocket_feedback_controller.rb

class RocketFeedbackController < ApplicationController

  #Email method for feedback
  def send_feedback
      subject = params["subject"]
      from = params["email"]
      feedback = params["feedback"]
      RocketFeedback::deliver_feedback(from, subject, feedback)
      respond_to do |format|
        format.js { render :text => ''}

3- The model (which inherits from ActionMailer)

class RocketFeedback < ActionMailer::Base

  default_url_options[:host] = HOST

  def feedback(from, subject, feedback)
    @subject = "Feedback: #{subject}"
    @subject_for_message = subject
    @recipients = 'yourname@yourdomain.com' 
    @from = from
    @sent_on = Time.now
    @sent_at = Time.now.strftime("%d/%m/%Y, %I:%M:%S %p").to_s
    @body["sent_at"] = @sent_at
    @body["from"] = from
    @body["feedback"] = feedback
    @body["subject"] = @subject_for_message
    @headers = {}


The only clue I have is this error message when I try and send feedback via the plugin:

NoMethodError (undefined method `deliver_feedback' for RocketFeedback:Module):

Thanks in advance for you help! (And please feel free to critque my plugin's structure, it's my first attempt so I'm sure I've done all kinds of things wrong...)

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what's your rails version? i'm not sure why but sometimes changing Actionmailer::Base to ActionMailer::ARMailer works –  corroded Aug 16 '10 at 7:01
I'm on 2.3.8, i'll check it out thanks for the tip! –  Ganesh Shankar Aug 16 '10 at 23:28

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You have a RocketFeedback class and RocketFeedback module in your plugin. The ActionMailer#deliver_foo dynamic method is defined through your class. You should call class methods using the dot operator.

# Instead of this
RocketFeedback::deliver_feedback(from, subject, feedback)
# This should work
RocketFeedback.deliver_feedback(from, subject, feedback)
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Thanks Swanand, using your advice (and renaming a few things as well, I had way too many things called RocketFeedback all over my plugin) I was able to get everything working. Cheers! –  Ganesh Shankar Aug 17 '10 at 3:42

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