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I have been given a new project module which involves fuzzy logic.It is to determine different Hydrometeors using fuzzy logic method.I have very little idea about what fuzzy logic is.So i would like to have some advice from people who have already done projects using fuzzy logic in java(like what are the basic programming strategies I can adopt).

I have come across a fuzzy logc api.People who have used it please comment on how useful it is.

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Another article on SO: What is fuzzy logic –  Andreas_D Aug 16 '10 at 7:45
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Fuzzy logic is an abstract concept that is completely independant of programming lanuages. The basic idea is that instead of boolean logic where any statement is either "true" or "false", you use a continuum where a statement can be anywhere between "100% true" and "0% true". This allows you to model some real-world scenarios much better than boolean logic, but of course requires different (more complex) rules for combining statements.

I have not used the API library you linked to, but it looks pretty well-maintained at first glance (it has been updated regularly, there is a recent release, and even an eclipse plugin).

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