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Is there anything similar to rails' scaffolding fo pylons? I've been poking around google, but fofund only this thing caled dbsprockets, which is fine, although probably way to much for my needs. What i really need is a basic CRUD thas is based on the SQLAlchemy model.

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The question is super old, but hell:

Gives you basic crud out of the box, customizable to do even relatively complex things easily, and gives you a drop-in Pylons admin app too (written and customizable with the same api, no magic).

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I hear you, I've followed the Pylons mailing list for a while looking for something similar. There have been some attempts in the past (see AdminPylon and Restin) but none have really kept up with SQLAlchemy's rapidly developing orm api.

Since DBSprockets is likely to be incorporated into TurboGears it will likely be maintained. I'd bite the bullet and go with that.

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Just updating an old question. DBSprockets has been replaced by sprox which learns a lot of lessons from it and is pretty cool.

It isn't quite the throwaway 'scaffolding' that Rails provides, it is more like an agile form generation tool that is highly extensible.

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