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i'm working on app for iphone on objective-c i have array with object references If i remove item with object reference from array should i release this object additionally or it will be removed from memory automatically?

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When removed from array object gets released once. So if your retain/release are paired correctly in other places you must not release your object in this case.

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If the NSArray (um, it is an NSArray, isn't it? C arrays provide no ownership management) is the only thing that owns the object -- that is, if the object added was acquired autorelease-d or you explicitly called release after adding -- then it will be cleaned up automatically on removal. Any other ownership claims will still need to be release-d as normal.

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In fact, your talking about NSMutableArray

And it does the release 'automatically'. So do

[array add:  @"SAFEY-STRING" ];

and don't do

[array add:  [[NSString alloc] initWithFormat:@"LEAKY-STRING"] ];
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