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I am looking for a starter kit- samples for learn web development. my goal is create a ecommerce web site.

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I would start out with www3 school's php tutorial, go all the way through the MySQL tutorail portion as well, then download a good text editor, and only then would I download a content management system. I'm afraid that while magento and other similar ecommerce platforms are relatively easy, you will look at page after page of unrecognizable code. It's much better to start off knowing some of the basics and working your way up.

I would also highly recommend tizag.com (sorry I can't link to it, I don't have enough rep) as a good source for tutorials. Keep in mind that knowing php only isn't sufficient to be able to run a website (and know what's going on). Make sure you study up on both HTML, and a database language (most likely MySQL, PostGreSQL is another popular platform for retailers... but I would recomend MySQL).

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You may find it interesting to look over some other systems already out there, try downloading a copy of osCommerce and Magento. Writing an e-commerce system from scratch with (I presume) no prior PHP knowledge is a mammoth task.

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As you have tagged the question with 'cakephp' I shall post a link to the CakePHP book tutorial page :)


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:) the reason I had put the cakephp tag was. I was looking for some code using cakephp. My goal deploy the code and learn by debuging. –  Gainster Aug 16 '10 at 20:08
Hello Huzaifa, I highly doubt, that you learn cake faster with your method, if you have no prior experience with this framework or MVC frameworks in general. Give DavidYell's suggestion a shot, it could save some headaches :-) Kind regards –  benjamin Aug 16 '10 at 22:28

Get the book "Practical CakePHP Projects", 'E-commerce chapter'.

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