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Text Area helper , how i set the maximum length of string to 100.
Is there is any max length attribute in text-area helper in ROR.

Code will help me.Thanks

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2 Answers

By default at the View level rails doesn't provide the character limit for text area . You can explictly use Javascript function which limits the Number of the Characters entered with onKeyUp and onKeyDown events in your view and place the function in public/javascript/application.js .

Here is a nice tutorial for character limit within text area .

Hope it is useful !

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The W3C HTML spec doesn't provide a property to limit a textarea to a maximum number of characters either. You need to use javascript to achieve this, regardless of your framework. –  nfm Aug 16 '10 at 12:00
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in textarea there aren't lengths, you can set columns and rows, so you can have a textarea widht of '100 columns' but it doesn't mean that it will accept only 100 chars.

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