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I am using Jonathan Leighton's Date Picker Plugin (Input Date) URl :

The problem is, The selected date is in the format "16 Aug 2010"

I want it to be in the format of "2010-08-16" i..e yyyy-mm-dd

Also, is it possible to include timings as well.. i..e set both date and time using this plugin??

Please help me out guys.

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The very page you linked to has an example how to format the date in YYYY-MM-DD:

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I would suggest you to use jQuery UI's datepicker. It has more options (also date format) and callbacks. This datepicker has something like timepicker plugin too:

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Though the mentioned plugins are really cooool, i wanted to know how i can implement the needed date format for this plugin – Roccos Aug 16 '10 at 18:48
Start to use and understand what documentation says. There "options" tab where all available options are described. What you need is dateFormat option. For example: $("selector").datepicker({dateFormat:"yy-mm-dd"}); – Anpher Aug 17 '10 at 7:32

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