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Is there an equivalent to Trac written in PHP? I need something that integrates with SVN and is free. It should allow me to browse the SVN source, have some kind of bug tracking and show recent changes in the SVN. A wiki isn't essential.

Thanks in advance.

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So, you need an all-in-one wiki + bugtracker + workflow + svn repos viwer written in php? – mepcotterell Dec 8 '08 at 11:29
SVN source viewer, bug tracker and recent changes in SVN. Wiki isn't essential. – Philip Morton Dec 8 '08 at 11:30
I personally use Trac because I haven't been able to find another packaged solution that's just as flexible. However, if you don't mind using multiple packages (and you said you don't need a wiki) then I'd suggest: - MantisBT - a free popular web-based bugtracking system - ViewSVN - web interface for viewing SVN repositories – mepcotterell Dec 8 '08 at 11:38
If a tool suits your needs, why the language in which it is implemented matters so much? A good example might be Ruby on Rails project, which used Trac as a bug tracker and repository browser for quite a long time. Trac has it's issues, but it is extremely easy to setup, even if you have no Python experience. – Adam Byrtek Dec 8 '08 at 11:57
you can try out also for the svn stuff , as for the trac equivalent I would suggest mantiz, very light and gets the job done. I use the combination of mantiz and dotproject. – Ronald Conco Dec 8 '08 at 13:17