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Given a list (length = n) of 2x2 matrices, how do I calculate the sum of all those matrices (and get a 2x2 matrix) ?

How can I do it, if instead of a list I have those matrices in a (2 x 2 x n) dimensional array ?

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@Xupypr MV It would be more than enough if there wasn't the r tag. – Brani Aug 16 '10 at 11:59
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Sum of matrices in a list:

Reduce("+", matrix_list)
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Very elegant. I tried without success. I think that I must try to understand and use the Reduce function. – Brani Aug 16 '10 at 12:34
Anyone know why all the functional programming functions like Map and Reduce are capitalized? – Vince Aug 16 '10 at 14:54

I would mess with arrays so if you got a list e.g.:

n <- 5
someList <- lapply(1:n, function(i) matrix(1:4+(i-1)*4,2,2))

transform it to 3d array

someArray <- array(unlist(someList ), c(2,2,n))

Now you could use rowSums

rowSums(someArray, dims=2)
#      [,1] [,2]
# [1,]   45   55
# [2,]   50   60
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I was close to find this. It's that dims parameter that I was missing. – Brani Aug 16 '10 at 12:31

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