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HI, i have an datatable like this. i need to format the data like this.

ID    name        mailID
12    kumar       kumar@gmail.com
14    kumar       kumar@gmail.com
17    kumar       kumar@gmail.com
20    kiran       kiran@gmail.com
21    kiran       kiran@gmail.com
26    kiran       kiran@gmail.com
100   Ram         Ram@gmail.com
101   Ram         Ram@gmail.com
102   Ram         Ram@gmail.com

now in need to format the data like this in a datatable . can any one help me out how to sort this issue.

ID           name        mailID
 12,14,17     kumar       kumar@gmail.com
 20,21,26     kiran       kiran@gmail.com
 100,101,102   Ram        Ram@gmail.com

any help would be great



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You shoud store your information about each person in a class, and then call the toString method foreach one you have:

  public class Struct


            private int[] numbers;

            private string email;

            private string name;

            public string Name {

                get { return name; }


            public string Email {

                get { return email; }


            public int[] Numbers {

                get { return numbers; }


            private void init(string name, string email, int[] numbers)


                this.name = name;

                this.email = email;

                this.name = numbers;


            public Struct(string name, string email, int number)


                init( name, email, new int[]{ number } );


            public Struct(string name, string email, int[] numbers)


                init( name, email, numbers );


            public override string toString()


                string toret = "";

                foreach(var num in this.numbers) {

                    toret += Convert.ToString( num );

                    toret += '\t';

                    toret += Name;

                    toret += '\t';

                    toret += Email;

                    toret += '\n';


                            return toret;


Hope this helps.

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thanks Baltasarq –  happysmile Aug 17 '10 at 10:39
  1. Use the Linq to dataset group function.
  2. Create a dictionary with as key your e-mail and as value a list with ints. Iterate your table and add your ids to the right key. Now you can just iterate this dictionary and format it to your output table.
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