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does anyone know of a good automated UI Unit Testing solution suitable for ASP.NET development (Browser UI compatible)?

Would be interested in learning it if so. NUnit integration / compatibility would be a bonus.

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MSTest - Part of Visual Studio 2008 Test Edition and Ultimate. Also part of Visual Studio 2010 Premium and Ultimate. Supports easy recording and playback, stable but has a learning code for manual test code editing.

Selenium - As suggested earlier. Surprisingly well done, especially in Firefox. Open-sourced, written in Java. Recorder is a Firefox plugin only and we never got recorded tests to work with IE. That was a problem for us because the test creators weren't coders so had to rely on recording tests. But there is a major version about to be released.

Watin - Open source. Written in C#. Less development than Salenium but still has a solid list of features.

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Thanks for this. Checked answer because an open source C# solution seems like a good way to go for .net development. Thanks. –  gb2d Aug 16 '10 at 22:31

We use selenium and are happy with it. It supports nUnit. Here is a good write up

It does not support silverlight which is a downside for us.

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