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We want to find the number of days between two dates. This is simple when the dates are in the same year.

Is there a built-in way to do this if the dates are in different years, or do we just have to loop through each year?

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Subtracting a date from another yields a TimeSpan. You can use this to determine the number of whole days using the Days property, or whole and fractional days using the TotalDays property.

DateTime start = ...;
DateTime end = ...;

int wholeDays = (end - start).Days;


double totalAndPartialDays = (end - start).TotalDays;
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+1 for mentioning TotalDays. –  Abel Aug 16 '10 at 12:47

you can probably do something like:

TimeSpan ts = endDate - startDate;
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What are you missing?

DateTime - DateTime => Timespan

and Timespan has Days and TotalDays properties.

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    DateTime date1 = DateTime.Now;
    DateTime date2 = new DateTime(date1.Year - 2, date1.Month, date1.Day);

    Int32 difference = date1.Subtract(date2).Days;
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