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I am using Static String Internationalization.


public interface Locale extends Constants{

String kbps();




Both are in the same package. In .gwt.xml, included following line:

<extend-property name="locale" values="en"/>

Now when I am compiling the code, i'm getting following error:

com.google.gwt.i18n.rebind.AbstractResource$MissingResourceException: No resource found for key 'kbps'

The above error goes away if I provide Locale.properties or @DefaultStringValue for the key. any idea why the gwt compile-time error is coming even if I am specifying the locale in the module XML?

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Use <set-property-fallback name="locale" value="en"/> to define a default locale in your project

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With extend-property, the "default" locale is still present, you are merely adding the "en" locale to the list of possible locales.

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