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I have a MEF's CompositionContainer, a contract (say IFoo) and a module (Prism module but it doesn't matter much here, just some component). I want in my module to register the contract's implementation (FooImpl).

If it's Unity I'd do like this:

unity.RegisterType<IFoo, FooImpl>().

That's all. With MEF I've puzzled. I have to mark my implementation with ExportAttribute, but that lead to it'll be exported automatically. I want to manage this by myself. Take a look at the code:

class MyModule: IModule {
  private CompositionContainer m_container;
  public MyModule(CompositionContainer container) {
    m_container = container;
  public void Initialize() {
    ??? I want something like m_container.CreateExport<IFoo, FooImpl>()

public interface IFoo {}
public class FooImpl : IFoo {
    public FooImpl(ISomeService svc) {}

In Initialize I want manualy export FooImpl as IFoo contract not relying on ExportAttribute on FooImpl class. I understand that I just can create an instance FooImpl (in MyModule.Initialize above), but FooImpl has constructor dependencies on other component/services and I want they to be resolved on creation.

So probably I should ask: how to manually add export having a CompositionContainer instance and a contract? And then mark this export somehow as it has ImportingConstructorAttribute?

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That's not how MEF works by default. However, you can create your own ExportProvider implementation which does this, and pass it to the CompositionContainer constructor.

The MEF contrib project has a few examples of export provider implementations. The Fluent Definition Provider is probably the closest to what you describe. There is also an export provider which provides integration with unity.

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Thanks, I'll have a look. But I'd like to do this with already existing CompositionContainer. –  Shrike Aug 17 '10 at 17:10

Have a look at AttributedModelServices.ComposeExportedValue. You would use it like this:

m_container.ComposeExportedValue<IFoo>(new IFooImpl());
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Here I'm loosing constructor dependencies substitution. –  Shrike Aug 17 '10 at 17:08
@Shrike: That is correct. I believe when using ComposeExportedValue(), this causes Recomposition to kick off. Under MEF rules, when "Recomposition" happens, there's 1 negative effect: ImportingConstructors is not used. Glenn Block explained why on his blog. –  eduncan911 Mar 5 '11 at 0:47

The latest preview version of MEF has a class called RegistrationBuilder which you can use to configure your MEF parts via code. You can get the preview version from the MEF CodePlex site.

Here's a blog post with an overview of the new features.

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Beat me to it! :) –  Nicholas Blumhardt Oct 30 '11 at 20:15

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