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In my current iPhone project I need to decrypt zip files which have been encrypted using AES 256 method either on a Mac with StuffIt Engine or on Windows with WinZip.

I tried to use ZipArchive (based on MiniZip) but it doesn't work. Anyone knows how to do this ?

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I ended up buying a license for IPWorks ZIP library which works fine.

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You should try to port (include) InfoZip sources, they are compatible with such encryption style. However, you should also check if the license for InfoZip is adequate for your circumstances.

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No. This won't help. As far as I am aware, InfoZip does not do WinZip AES Encryption. –  Cheeso Oct 24 '10 at 16:24

Added AES encryption support to Minizip contrib: https://github.com/nmoinvaz/minizip

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