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I am working on a solution where I will have a Hadoop cluster with Hive running and I want to send jobs and hive queries from a .NET application to be processed and get notified when they are done. I can't find any solutions for interfacing with Hadoop other than directly from a Java app, is there an API I can access that I am just not finding?

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Apparently it is possible to connect to Hadoop with non-Java solutions - see Do I have to write my application in Java?

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Ah, I knew about streaming (but that works from the command-line) - but I didn't know about the Hadoop Pipes which is SWIG compatible so I should be able to generate a C# api on top of it. –  James Avery Aug 17 '10 at 16:49

With Hadoop: there is no straight way to connect from C# because Hadoop communication tier is working with java only and is not cross platform. It is probably possible but in very non-trivial ways. I know there is a patch to add Protocol Buffers support for Hadoop but at the moment of writing (Aug 2011) is is not released yet.

With Hive situation is better because Hive has Thrift interface which supports C#. You can download Hive Thrift interfaces and generate C# client on your own but beware that it requires some hacking of generated code. Instead I would recommend you downloading dll from https://bitbucket.org/vadim/hive-sharp/downloads/hive-sharp-lib.dll or use Nuget package manager, search for "hive": http://nuget.org/List/Packages/Hive.Sharp.Lib Disclaimer: I'm the author.

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  1. There is Hortonworks ODBC driver. I havn't used it personally, but it shall let you work with hive as with any other ODBC datasource. You can use OdbcConnection class to connect to Hive once ODBC driver is installed.

  2. As noted in other answers - you can use Thrift api. For that you need to generate C# classes from interface definition files, which you can download from Hive source repository. This approach works for me.

  3. You can use IKVM, to convert hadoop client java libraries into .Net assemblies which you can use from C#. I havn't used IKVM with Hive client, but I've IKVMed some other hadoop client library and surprisingly it worked.


  1. There's also Apache templeton, which allows submitting Hive jobs (Pig and MR also) using Rest interface. The problem with it is that it spawns another map task to submit Hive job, which makes it slower.
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Thrift API is also another way for other language to access hdfs and hive

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See if this helps. I have tried to connect to Hadoop via C#

How to communicate to Hadoop via Hive using .NET/C#

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