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We are moving from Visual Sourcesafe to Subversion within our organisation. I am running SVN via HTTP & Apache.

We will be using a separate repository for each project.

I am using TortoiseSVN and I would have thought by repo browsing to htp://server:12345/svn i would be able to see all the separate repositories.

I get the following error: “Repository moved permanently to htp://server:12345/svn/; please relocate”

I can browse to each of my repositories past the svn root so htp://server:12345/svn/Project1 etc

My question is should I be able to do view all the repositories using Tortoise and if so what have I done wrong.

If not then what tools do people use for browsing all there repositories?

I have ViewVC installed and working but I was wondering if I could od this with any client desktop applications?


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Yes, TSVN actually expects that at an URL you give to it there will actually be a valid SVN repository to connect to - either via file, http, svn or some other protocol. SVN (and TSVN for that matter) does not have a notion of "collection of repositories" or "directory of repositories".

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Thanks for the quick reply. I thought this was the case. Any suggestions for desktop/web apps for browsing the collection of repositories? The only one I have seen so far is ViewVC and WebSVN(not so good as you have to add the repos to the config) – user421780 Aug 16 '10 at 15:15

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