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Debug buttons are disabled in Delphi 2007 IDE. I can build project with command line or Project -> Build, but cannot run application or either attach to process.

I'm wondering if anyone has encountered this issue in the past and can help me.

Few facts:

  • Delphi 2007 IDE was installed on my machine and worked just fine.
  • Debug buttons got disabled at one point of time and I have no idea what was the reason.
  • I tried reinstalling Delphi, but this did not help.
  • License for Delphi is ok.
  • I suppose that there should be something with either registry or 3rd party components.
  • I'm .NET developer and need investigate some piece of Delphi code, so please do not blame me :)

Will appreciate any help.

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Ok, so I reinstalled Delphi from scratch on brand new system and everything went fine. In other words it was and it is odd reason why my buttons disappeared. :) – Andriy Buday Oct 1 '10 at 16:22

Possibility... Go to pull down menu: 'Project/Options/Compiler' and set in field 'Build Configuration' to 'Debug'. In filed 'Debugging' switch-on first 5 switches like 'Debugging Informations' and so on!

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So, as I figure it out later (from Delphi developers from different team) issue was with 3rd party components to Delphi. They stored something into registry. It was enough to change some registry keys, they did this so I cannot post it here.

Very interesting how it could be that such components got shipped.

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