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Why do I need to override Equals and GetHash code in my Entities when using NHibernate? Today I got this error

System.ApplicationException : For property 'Person' expected 'Domain.Person'
of type 'Domain.Person' but got 'PersonProxy20252a6926f841a8b45e327292fe0eae'
of type 'Domain.Person'

Now I have read(but not confirmed) that This is because I havent overridden Equals and GetHashCode in my Entity. My question is do I need to do this AND do I need override both Equals(Object obj) and Equals(Person person) I am assuming I need to inherit from IEquatable<Person> and do so.

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Can you post the full exception? (with stack trace and inner exceptions) – Diego Mijelshon Aug 16 '10 at 17:29

Ok totally CANT override Equals(Person person) for IEquatable in fact if you do it breaks

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