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i notice that in cygwin we can install apache2. can we make a wamp with cgywin ? ( php mysql and apache ) better with phpmyadmin ? or we cant do that ? if we can, please give me a tutorial to learn on.


Adam Ramadhan

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Why would you do that? PHP MySQL and Apache all have Windows versions, why not use them.

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For example because the native binaries use Windows paths. I could think of some other setups where having a xamp system inside the cygwin environment could be more useful than the native expression. –  Boldewyn Aug 16 '10 at 16:33
How was this considered an answer to the question? It's fit for a comment at best. FYI, there are various possible rationales for this, including Boldewyn's plus a need to replicate or test a POSIX-style environment with these programs installed. I want the latter, so now I have to go and look for a question that actually received a valid answer. –  underscore_d Aug 15 at 9:18

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