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I have Debian 2.6 running on a SBC that I plan on using in an embedded setup. What I need to do is configure it so that linux will start up and run just my Qt GUI application. Do I need a window manager to do this or can I just do it with X11. Also because it is going to be for an embedded system I do not want to load any desktop manager. Any info on how this can be done would be great!

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Yes you can do this without a window manager.

first: You need to boot into a non X session, init level 1 or 3.

second: You need to start the X server, in a basic mode by just calling X or xinit.

third: Start your app. You may need to take a little more control over where your app is positioned on the screen and its dimensions in your code, as you will not have a window manager to help with this.

alternatively: you can launch one of the more basic window managers to see how they play with your system. Motif Window Manager (mwm) and Tab Window Manager (twm)

Note: While working without a window manager, you may get into a state where you cannot do some very basic operations (ex: close a window, move a window, resize a window). You may find that you cannot survive without at least some of the more basic window management functions. Until you close the loop on this, remember, Ctrl + Alt + Backspace will kill the XServer.

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OK, I got the auto login working and I can start X but I'm having troubles getting applications to launch once X starts... I have tried editing ~/.xsession to include exec xterm & (or similar app) but it never loads... any ideas? –  Yordikins Aug 16 '10 at 21:56
try using xinit first, it will give you an xterm session. Another thing to check is the environment variable DISPLAY –  duck Aug 17 '10 at 1:46
thanks for the info, having similar problem too. –  c2h2 May 21 '12 at 3:58

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