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i'm working with an old 1.1 site that uses the depreciated MailMessage class from the System.Web.Mail namespace. i updated it to use the MailMessage class from the System.Net.Mail namespace. but, the old MailMessage .To property accepted a string and the new .To property takes a MailAddressCollection, breaking my code.

the old code looked like this:

_mailMessage.To = _toName & " <" & _toEmail & ">"

you see, the To property took a name and also an email wrapped in angle brackets. how can i do this using the new MailMessage class which takes a MailAddressCollection for it's To property?


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You can call the MailAddress constructor inline to add recipients to your MailMessage:

_mailMessage.To.Add(new MailAddress(_toEmail, _toName))
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You could use the Add method.


or _mailMessage.To.Add(new MailAddress(_toEmail))

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