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I have a group of tabs that have hidden content which display when the tab is clicked. The jQuery looks like this:

 var sections = $('.section').hide();


 var tab = getParameterByName('tab');
     $('#section1').show();  //show first section

The HTML looks like this:

  <li id="tab1" class="active"><a class="tablink" href="#section1">Link1</a></li>
  <li id="tab2"><a class="tablink" href="#section2">Link2</a></li>
  <li id="tab3"><a class="tablink" href="#section3">Link3</a></li>

I'm trying to figure out how to add an additional function to the tab click that says:

if #tab2 has the class .active then do X.

This seems very straight forward, but I can't get it. Ideas?

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You can do it using .length to see how many elements the selector found like this:

if($('#tab2.active').length === 1) {
  //do something, it has the class
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+1 Overall, I'd personally use this solution over mine, although I'd ditch the === 1. –  user113716 Aug 16 '10 at 18:19

if #tab2 has the class .active then do X.

You mean this:

if ($('#tab2').hasClass('active')){
  // your code..
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In addition to the solutions provided, you could do this:

if ($('#tab2').is('.active')){
  // it was .active

Not as fast as .length, but is easy to read and understand.

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It is crazy expensive in comparison though :) –  Nick Craver Aug 16 '10 at 18:14
@Nick - See my update. –  user113716 Aug 16 '10 at 18:15

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