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I am working on a firefox addon, and when I use % for a menu label and tooltip the addon doesn't work (doesn't show up on firefox).

I am using the % in a .dtd file like this:

<!ENTITY addonName.menuX "%09 (Tab)">

And in the .xul file like this:

<menuitem class="menuitem-iconic" image="chrome://addonName/skin/image.png" tooltiptext="&addonName.menuX;" label="&addonName.menuX;" oncommand="addonName.function( 'X' )" />

If I delete the % from <!ENTITY addonName.menuX "%09 (Tab)"> it works fine. I tried escaping it with a backslash but still doesn't work, so how do I print % in the addon menu?

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unicode equivalent of % which is \u0025 should work.

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